Solutions for input of details of postcards for a prize competition, and for the processing of the draw

In recent years, as increasing emphasis has been placed on one-to-one marketing, the scale of prize promotion campaigns has been growing progressively. Quite a few such campaigns now attract more than 10 million postcards for entry into the prize draw. It is a challenge to process them at high speed. The introduction of Primagest's image system opens the way for processing hundreds of thousands of cards per day and automates the entry of personal and questionnaire information, as well as the prize draw process, to achieve considerable cost reductions. It also enhances customer services as it allows the call center to use the images.


Prevention of simple errors supported by the paperless system
Automation of the prize draw process
Massive reduction (by almost half) in the number of days required for processing
Massive reduction (by almost two thirds) in the number of personnel required for processing

Products used