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Aiming at the total optimization of customer business operations Genuine one-stop BPO service

While there has been pressure for Japanese companies to strengthen strategies for risk management and compliance in recent years, the increasing number of management items in business and clerical operations, along with increasing clerical costs required to handle these tasks, is becoming a big challenge. Due to the high degree of difficulty and the complications associated with information security measures posing hurdles to the outsourcing of such tasks, only a limited range of simple jobs – such as data entry - is currently outsourced.

In order to overcome such challenges, Primagest,Inc. provides new services that integrate IT and BPO, consisting of "Consulting" to understand the characteristics of a customer’s business, "Image Workflow" with a considerable record of successful implementations and an "In-house Outsourcing Center" equipped with substantial facilities.

Preparatory Consulting Consulting is offered for the total optimization of customer business operations.
Image Workflow Secure and highly efficient image workflow platforms are structured.
Outsourcing Center Tasks are handled inside the BPO Center under tight security control.

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