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Preparatory Consulting Image Workflow Outsourcing Center

One-stop service enabled by in-house operational structure

Covering everything from customer summarization requirements to the management of operational sites, Primagest utilizes the infrastructure of its work centers to provide a one-stop service.
Digitized paper documents ease the restrictions imposed by the location of work centers, while operational status and progress at external sites can be reported in real time through a web service. Business operations are smoothly carried out in the same manner as at the customer’s own work centers.

Omiya P21

The Omiya P2I work center handles the digitization of various forms and documents. Security at the center is tightly controlled through technologies such as a system that controls room entry/exit using contactless IC cards, always-on camera monitoring and thorough training of employees and managers for the protection of personal information.

ImageValue high-speed scanner

The Omiya P2I work center features the ImageValue scanner, which uses open transport to enable high productivity and allow for the feeding of important original documents entrusted by customers without damaging them.


Security cameras/Surveillance monitors
Cameras are installed at the front entrance, the entrances to each office and at the entrances to temporary storerooms.

Room entry/exit is controlled using IC cards (access is restricted according to individual authorization levels).

Data Processing Center

The Data Processing Center functions as a hub for transmitting forms and documents digitized at Omiya P2I. Using the center – an existing facility of Primagest – enables the reduction of initial introduction costs and promptly establishes a business operational system.
The Data Processing Center features tools that are capable of automatic image recognition and ICR for a variety of forms. In addition, a function to segment document images contributes to the protection of personal information as they are processed into non-personalized data when sending them to the BPO Center.