HDP-4500CU Series

Equipped with a variety of functions, can cope with a wide range of operations.
Small-footprint tabletop MICR/OCR reader/sorter


It is medium sized reading classification device realizing high speed processing of HDP series.
Medium-sized reader/sorter that can sort bills, checks, gift certificates, and small documents, such as utility bills, according to the results of recognition of magnetic ink characters and OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
Provides scanner functions for monochrome binary, gray, or color images on both front and rear sides, and sorter functions with up to 24 sorting pockets according to operation volume, all with a small-footprint.

Able to perform continuous processing Double-sided high-quality CIS camera
Features real-time OCR
Magnetic ink reading (MICR) capabilities.
Ink-jet printing function.
Sorting function with large pockets.
  • Mixed processing of large and small forms
  • Forms can be added during operation
  • Features three-color RGB LEDs, and includes drop-out process function
  • Equipped with real time OCR and bar code recognition function
  • Can read magnetic ink characters (E-13B, CMC7) on items such as tickets
  • Ink-jet number printing available
  • Configuration expandable from a minimum of 6 pockets to a maximum of 24 pockets

Main Specifications

Processing speed 
Maximum processing speed: Output resolution
(6 inch document)
Monochrome binary/gray images Color images
Up to 400 sheets/minute:200/240/300 DPI Up to 170 pages/minute:200/240 DPI
Document standard 
Feedable document size
(Length × width)
Min:65mm×110mm ,Max:140×225mm
Feedable document thickness
(Ream weight)
Min:58.5kg(about 0.08mm), Max:106.6Kg(about 0.15mm)
Paper quality OCR paper, high-quality paper, plain paper, recycled paper
Camera specifications Two-sided CIS color camera
Maximum image acquisition range:135mm×225mm
Output format Color (Jpeg 24bit), gray (Jpeg 8bit), black-and-white (Tiff)
Function Cut, color drop-out, others as standard
Capacity 900 sheets (0.10mm)  
Number of pockets 6 pockets, 12 pockets, 24 pockets
Pocket capacity 150 sheets (0.10mm)
Ink-jet TIJ 2.5 loaded
Can be mounted on the front and back (one side only)
Alphanumeric characters, BarCode (Code 39, Code 128), Image stamp printing
Post-printer after image takeup
Printable range Height (from the document bottom)  38mm-58mm
(It can be changed to 70 mm - 90 mm by option installation)
Recognition function
MICR character recognition
(Hardware recognition)
Character recognition function
(Software recognition)

(Please contact us for recognized character types.)
Bar code recognition
(Software recognition)

(Please contact us for recognized character types.)
Compatible PC
OS: Windows Windows10 Professional 64bit
Interface USB 2.0,USB 3.0
Equipment specifications
External Dimensions
(W × D × H, mm notation)
6 pocket configuration: 1314×406×380, 12 pocket configuration: 1570 × 406 × 300, 24 pocket configuration: 2260 × 406 × 300
Weight 6 pocket configuration: 38Kg, 12 pocket configuration: 46Kg, 24 pocket configuration: 65Kg
Power Supply Specifications 100-240V 50-60Hz 15-7.5A
Temperature/Humidity 10 ℃ - 28.5 ℃, 40% - 80%