Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.

SDLM has created new value for document management services based on a high-definition scanning system.


Suzuyo & Co., Ltd. is a long-established logistics company based in Shizuoka with a history spanning over two centuries. In July 2009, Suzuyo released its "SDLM" document management service, which is a new BPO venture featuring a Primagest scanning system. We interviewed them about the new style of document management that SDLM offers.


  • The company wished to create new value for commoditized document management services.
  • The company wished to create a system for utilizing document management while maintaining a secure organization.

Aim of introduction

  • A high-definition scanning system in a centralized location suited to BPO business conditions.
  • Trust earned through a proven track record with clients such as financial institutions and government office.

Results of introduction

  • Management on a per-document basis via scanning greatly reduces the time it takes to search for original copies.
  • Enables a flexible data utilization environment through the conversion of text data to CSV.

The benefits of the "SDLM" service created through the partnership between Suzuyo and Primagest

A secure one-stop system

Document scanning, management, and recycling are all carried out at the same storage facility, greatly reducing the risk of information being leaked or original copies being lost.

Reinforces internal controls and supports J-SOX law compliance

Contributes to reducing the man-hours required when searching for evidence necessary for assessment tests under the J-SOX law by converting all active documents to images.

Smooth data utilization

Enables smooth data utilization through converting the text data from scanned documents to CSV format and importing this data into corporate systems.

System Outline

System Outline


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