Separate Sorter Model 300

Multi-Purpose, High-Performance Processing Mechanism with High-Speed Barcode Reader & Sorter


Optimal document transfer and high-speed processing , Official Document Sorter , Space-saving design and dynamic extensibility

Auto feeder Pocket Barcode reader
  • Maximum capacity of 800 sheets
  • Capable of different sizes
  • Additional stacking
  • Double feed detection
  • Up to 100 pockets
  • Storage of up to 280 sheets/pocket
  • Forgotten document detection
  • Built-in 1D or 2D reader
  • Up to two readers can be mounted
  • 1D reader can read barcodes vertically and horizontally
  • Reader location can be specified
Ink jet printer MICR reader
  • Various options
  • Alphanumeric, symbol, and kana printing
  • Black and red inks
  • Printing after barcode recognition
  • Equipped with options.
  • Equipped with magnetic reading function for E13B and CMC7 fonts.

Main Specifications

Basic Specifications 
Feed speed 50 inches/second
Processing speed 300 sheets/minute (in the event of continuous
processing with 5-inch forms)
Number of pockets 20 (min.) to 100 (max.)
Expandable in 20 pockets/unit
(Continuous additional stacking available)
Hopper capacity/Approx. 800 sheets
(With 5-inch tax forms stored)
(Extractable during transport)
Pocket capacity/Approx. 280 sheets
(With 5-inch tax forms stored)
Double feed detection With ultrasonic sensors installed
Automatic ejection to pockets for rejected forms
Mixed form processing Available
Transfer form standard 
Size Width 75 mm to 155 mm,
length 83 mm to 230 mm
Thickness 52.3 to 174.5 g/m2
Paper quality OCR paper, high-quality paper, plain paper, recycled paper
Recognizable code
(1D or 2D)
Recognition area 1D with ladder: Width 80 mm × Length form length minus 20 mm
1D with picket: Width 16 mm × Length 80 mm or less
2D: Width 30 mm × Length 50 mm
Equipment specifications 
Connection Interface Serial RS232C
Power supply specifications Single-phase: 100 V - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature / Humidity Temperature: 16 °C to 26 °C, Humidity: 40% to 60% (non-dewing)
Connection Unit   Height(mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
Basic unit (20 pockets) 1420 1170 450 115
Additional sorter unit
20 pockets/unit
1420 700 450 90
Dual head Barcode Up to 2 barcode readers
Combination: 1D + 2D (mixed), 1D × 2 or 2D × 2
Ink jet printer Type: Alphanumeric, symbol, single-byte kana
Position: Surface, Printing after recognizing barcode
Color: Black, red