UCS Co., Ltd.

A dynamic rule engine that responds with great flexibility to various criteria and allows both highly efficient and strategic use of data.


As a community-based integrated financial services provider, UCS CO., LTD. provides diverse products and services. Primagest offers an innovative solution that meets clients’needs for higher efficiency in its credit card operations and strategic use of member data.


  • Develop a framework that flexibly responds to changes in screening criteria
  • Create a system for strategic BPM deployment

Aim of introduction

  • Customizable the IPM system with a rule engine
  • Proven performance capable of handling sophisticated criteria

Results of introduction

  • Reduction in correction costs through use of auto screeening sub-system
  • Dramatic improvement in operational efficiency thanks to automated screening and review processes

Important features of solution


Rule engine allows easy modification of screening criteria

Higher Accuracy

Rule engine drastically improves auto screening rates

Reduction in manpower

Automated review of data flaws reduces manpower requirement by approximately 50%

Versatile solution for future expansion

System allows member data to be used for strategic sales development

System Outline

System Outline


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