Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd.

Through CRM integration, the company, which in the past processed orders one at a time using OCR, was able to realize BPR for inputting orders. The company, having established a high quality order processing system, is now aiming to expand sales to companies outside the group.


Cecile is a leading mail-order company which issues several million copies of catalogs each season. Since the introduction of Primagest’s solution, the company has been able to input information from huge numbers of various documents, including application forms, post cards and fax messages, more quickly and efficiently. We interviewed people in charge about how the company has utilized the solution.


  • The company wished to introduce a higher quality OCR as its system was becoming outdated.
  • The company wished to reduce costs by conducting rational and labor saving information inputting operations.

Aim of introduction

  • To be able to introduce human resources efficiently through workflow management.
  • The solution has superior flexibility; for example, it does not require a specific ink and layout of forms can easily be changed.

Results of introduction

  • The ratio of output fax messages was reduced because OCR input for a wider range of information became possible due to CRM integration.
  • The company improved processing capabilities and is now planning to expand its sales to companies outside the group.

Important features of solution

Faster processing

Operators can now conduct different tasks concurrently.

Paper reductions

The ratio of output fax messages was reduced.

Reduced costs

Input operation was rationalized and can be conducted by fewer staff.


The company can now create forms by itself.

System Outline

System Outline


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