KINTETSU Department Store

Operation efficiency and customer satisfaction were improved by uniformly managing shared information on order-receiving and delivery of gifts.


KINTETSU Department Store has nine directly managed stores mainly in the Kansai area. The company introduced Primagest’s face-to-face order entry system (Kits) in order to improve the quality of service to customers visiting the store during the Japanese mid-summer and year-end gift-giving seasons, and to improve the efficiency of order-receiving and delivery operations. We interviewed persons in charge at the store front and back-office about the challenges the company faced before introduction of the solution and about how the solution has worked.


  • The company wished to reduce the burden on customers by eliminating the need for customers to fill out forms at the gift center.
  • The company wished to eliminate time-consuming work and human error from the customer information maintenance sessions which follow the gift-giving seasons.
  • The company wished to introduce an up-to-date order-receiving system to further improve customer service.
  • The company wished to enhance security of personal information and convert customer data into electronic data.

Reasons the company chose Primagest

  1. Current back-office systems and customer data could be utilized.
  2. Experience of other companies that have already introduced Primagest solutions could be referred to.
  3. Integration with other systems could be smoothly conducted.

Results of introduction

  • Customers do not have to fill out application forms.
  • Ordering time and waiting time for customers were reduced through simplification of order-receiving operation.
  • Order-receiving time was significantly reduced and payment handling errors were eliminated through integration with POS cash registers.
  • Information on orders and delivery can be shared by both store front and back-office in real time by entering data directly onto a terminal at a store counter.
  • Countermeasures against personal information leakage were enhanced by converting customer data into electronic data and introducing a thin client.
  • Back-office checking work related to orders was reduced, resulting in quick output of delivery forms.
  • Customer inquiries now receive quick response due to integration of order and deliver information.
  • The amount of work involved in copying customer information onto gift wrapping paper was reduced by integrating information.

Important features of solution

Customer satisfaction

Realization of meticulous response to customers through enhanced concentration on customer service resulting from simplification of form filling procedures.

Improved efficiency

Integration of tasks from order-receiving to payment-receiving to outputting delivery forms, and central management of information.

Improved accuracy

Prevention of human error by eliminating manual entry of customer information following gift-giving seasons.


Enhancement of countermeasures against information leakage by converting documents into electronic data and by introducing a thin client.

System Outline

System Outline


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