Solutions for the distribution of gifts

Primagest provides department stores and other retailers with an image- and network-based solution for paperless operations of accepting gift orders, creating delivery slips and managing information on customers of gift services.
This solution automates every processe upto goods delivery, including those for creating data necessary to delivery slips, and sorting by purposes and goods and shortens the delivery lead time. The system capitalizes on the workflow to prevent omission or repetition of any process and to implement progress management of individual orders.
It also allows order data entries using PCs at the gift counter. It is ready to flexibly support future connection to the Internet.


Paperless operations using image scanners for converting application forms into images
Acceptance of applications with data entries on PCs at the counter also supported
Automatic ICR capturing to avoid having to enter data specified in application forms
Delivery slips are automatically sorted by printout location, purpose and good and printed out.
An image search using a phone number and application number as a search key for quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries
Customer information management using the gift customer database

Products used