Cloud Services

Realizing a one-stop service for marking and grading

SAITEN NO TATSUJIN™ is an innovative service that offers complete marking functions through ASP*. All marking tasks, from scanning answer sheets and data input to correcting answers and returning marked answer sheets, are offered in a one-stop service. By using ASP to provide the service, customers can avoid the cost of system operation and maintenance and initial introduction costs are also dramatically reduced.
*ASP: a service to run a business application (digital marking) over the internet as required.
Improved Accuracy The system contributes to improved marking accuracy as it eliminates missed marking items, as well as correction and copying errors. It also reduces marking errors through a double marking process.
Improved ease of use The ease of marking is significantly improved as efficiency is increased by consolidating answers for the same questions, the need for data entry after marking is eliminated, the overall progress is controlled using the workflow and particular questions are extracted when alternative answers are found.
Improved service The lead time for returning personal score reports is shortened. Moreover, customer service is strategically improved by providing summarized answer sheets for effective review and later reference, Student Problem Score Tables and similar questions to strengthen weak points (includes some options).
Reduction in marking costs The system enables the distribution of questions in accordance with each marker’s skill by categorizing levels of difficulty using a graphic breakup of the questions. It can also decrease marking costs by setting different marking unit prices by skill.
Secure environment The loss of answer sheets and the leakage of personal information are prevented as answer sheets are imaged and stored under the strict and secure control of Primagest,Inc.

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