Driving operational reforms

eFirst Process

A system release in a short period - analysis and simulation - continuous operation-improvement

Driving operational reforms and the BPM approach

eFIRST Process, the next-generation BPM platform tool, powerfully supports corporate operational reforms.

Information technology (IT) covers an ever-growing scope of operations. Today, most of the operations in an organization or enterprise can be systematized by IT. The areas that have yet to be systematized include those processed from person to person, from person to system, from system to person, and from system to system. These operations are called "Business Processes".


eFIRST Process facilitates prototyping by dividing a system into components.

Development by conventional BPM tools

The amount of development tends to become large as it involves program coding of operation data structures, relationships among operation data, operation screens and others.

Development by eFIRST Process

Simply by configurations, operation data structures, relationships between operation data and operation screens can be created. A BPM system can be built by merely developing the logic part specific to individual operations. This means that an accurate prototype can be created in a short period of time to provide users with an overall picture at early stage and offer high quality applications.