About Primagest

OUR Company

Name Primagest,Inc.

Founded July 1968

Capital 100 million yen

Sales 16.4 billion yen (achievement in the year ended December 2018)

Representative Kiyohiro Miisho

Number of Employees

2,282(Including 567 Regular Employees)(as of the end of December 2018)

Board Members
President Kiyohiro Miisho CEO
Executive Vice President Hideaki Inagaki COO
Senior Vice President Satoru Noguchi (Solution Development Division)
Senior Vice President Seiichi Miyake  
Senior Vice President Tomoyuki Hasegawa
Senior Vice President Yujiro Kurose  
Senior Vice President Takeya Obara  
Corporate Vice President Takeshi Okamoto (Hardware Product Division)
Corporate Vice President Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi (Solution Business Division)
Corporate Vice President Tomoya Fuse (BPO Division)
Corporate Vice President Shinichi Kitamura (Administration Division)
Auditor Kota Takahashi  
Business description

・Image information solutions
・Development/manufacturing/system integration of hardware and software for image informayion processing
・Commissioned business in relation to image information processing
・Maintenance and repair of hardware and software described above distribution of consumable supplies,etc.

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