1968 Recognition Equipment Inc. founds Recognition Equipment Japan Inc.(Japan REI)as its sales office in Japan.

1986 Launches Osaka Sales Office(currently Osaka Branch)in Osaka City,Osaka.

1992 Launches Nagoya Sales Office in Nagoya City,Aichi.

1993 Changes the company name to Recognition Japan Inc.(RJI).

1998 RJI transfers its goodwill to BancTec Japan,Inc.,which continues the business.

2002 Accepts an investment from JAFCO Co.,Ltd.,and implements a management buyout(MBO)to become independent from U.S. BTI Group.

2003 Sets up P2I(Paper to Image)Center in Yokohama City,Kanagawa,to launch a service to perform outsourced operational processes utilizing image processing.

2004 Executes a technology introduction agreement with IBML for manufacturing of scanners.Embarks on manufacture of high-speed scanners in Japan under license from IBML.

2006 Attains stock listing on the JASDAQ market

2008 Relocates head office functions from Meguro Ward,Tokyo to Kawasaki City,Kanagawa

2009 Implements management and employee buyout(MEBO)through investments from management and other investors.

2010 Delisted from the JASDAQ market due to MEBO.

2012 Changes the company name to Primagest,Inc.(PGI)

2017 Accepts an investment from ORIX Corporation, and enters into ORIX Group.