A Message from the President

To attain Evolution from Creation, Primagest continues to seek image solutions. CEO, President Kiyohiro Miisho

Amid the trend of open data processing technologies, Primagest has been focusing its resources on electronic processing of documents and images to supply original hardware and software and to offer an array of services, ranging from consulting to system construction, from support to maintenance. With its unique technologies and products, Primagest has achieved business growth.
As a result of seeking to continually refine our focus on image solutions and provide products and services based on reliable technologies, Primagest has seen its solutions adopted by financial, distribution, public and other institutions requiring high-speed and high-throughput processing of document data, and we have obtained their trust. We are still in the course of Evolution from Creation that we have been aiming to achieve. Primagest's goal is to lead its customers to success and attempt new endeavors.
With strong determination to continually undertake challenges, Primagest will pioneer the future of image solutions.