ImageValue TS

Versatile, compatible with a wide range of business uses, with a variety of functions
High-speed scanner sorter with the two-tier (top/bottom) open-track structure


Image scanner sorter able to process a large quantity of a variety of documents at high speed.
An open track structure has been adopted to avoid damages and for excellent operability.
Our own ultra-bright LED lights and high-speed, high-precision camera have been used to allow for the acquisition of high-resolution images (300 DPI).
Up to 48 classification pockets can be mounded to fit your volume of business with a small footprint.

<A Variety of Options>

We provide support for a variety of efficiency-improving options, including inkjet printing and simultaneous double-sided scanning.
We will provide suggestions to fit the needs of our customers and their business.

<Custom Support>

We can also provide customized support according to our customers and their business setup, as well as the types of documents used. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding handling of a particular document, or any other request.

Able to perform continuous processing Equipped with automatic variable IJP/high-quality camera Two tiers to support separation function 2-tier stacker
  • Utilizes an ultrasound system to prevent double feeding
  • Utilizes a high-performance feeder that can handleeven documents in different size and thickness
  • Supports continuous addition of documents
  • Equipped with automatic IJP printing position control function
  • Acquire high-resolution images at 300 DPI, at high speed
  • Ultra-bright LED brightness is automatically adjusted to maintain constant image quality
  • Able to freely move between the top and bottom pockets
  • Aligns automatically using a gear system, with removable pockets
  • No damage to documents,despite the high speed Removable pocket
  • Documents can be removed during operation

ImageValue TS series support solutions

Finance Banking Integrated office centralization imaging solutions
Financial Services Card application checks and credit monitoring solutions
Account classification systems

Main Specifications

ImageValue 20
Sorter options
(Two-tier, top/bottom)
Model 300
IVTS300, IV20PTS/300
Basic configuration
 Maximum processing speed: Output resolution *1
(A4 documents, at 3 inch intervals)
300 sheets/minute: 200 DPI
300 sheets/minute: 300 DPI
Document standard  Document thickness (ream weight) *2          11 lbs-55 lbs
 Paper quality OCR paper, high-quality paper, plain paper, recycled paper, pressure-sensitive paper *3
Image camera
Basic configuration: Surface only
 Camera specifications Ultra-high-speed 300 DPI 24 bit RGB (each 256 gradient), high-resolution full-color camera 
 Output resolution
(Output format)
150 - 600 DPI, color (JPEG 24bit), gray (JPEG 8bit), black-and-white binary (Tiff)
Light source  Type High-efficiency ultra-bright LED
Hopper  Capacity *4 1500 sheets (Continuous additional stacking supported)
Pocket  Number of pockets 8-48
 Pocket size
Chosen during manufacturing
M size (22.5 cm)
 Pocket capacity 1,000 sheets
Control PC  OS Windows Windows 7 Professional
Interface LAN connection specifications TCP/IP 1 GB or more
API Dedicated API and TWAIN driver (scanner model) are available
Rear side image camera
(Specified at manufacturing)
Equivalent to the surface
 Numbering (IJP) *7
Ink-jet type 
 Camera front *5  Surface
 Camera rear *6  Surface
Reading recognition function
 Bar code  Software recognition
 Hardware recognition (At 300 sheets/minute: Hardware recognition supported)
 Character recognition *8  Software recognition
 MICR character recognition  Software recognition
 Hardware recognition
Equipment specifications
 Dimensions (W × D × H) (mm)  4440 x 820 x 1435 (8 Pkt)
 Weight [kg] *9 716 (8 Pkt)
 Power Specifications (50/60Hz)
Single-phase 200-240 V/30 A
 Temperature/Humidity 16-26 ℃, 40-60%
 Certification/Standards nipa

◆ Product details are subject to change without prior notice. ◆ Product names and company names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Primagest.                                  
Note: The description in the functional specifications list includes our in-house performance tests. Some limitations may occur.
   For equipment configuration such as features, specifications, options, etc., please contact us.
*1 The maximum number of units processed per minute occurs when A4 documents are fed short-side first, using the standard settings.
   The number processed may be reduced depending on settings, other equipment configuration, paper quality, various document adjustments, image output size, etc.
*2 The shape of the body and the sorter sections, or the pocket specifications may be restricted depending on the paper quality and the size of the documents.
   We recommend you check in advance.
*3 A test processing check is required for pressure-sensitive paper types, and recycled paper.
*4 When the document thickness is 55kg per 1000 A4 sheets.
*5 The modules printed before acquisition of an image. It is necessary to check the printing digits, the number of lines, and the character types in advance.
*6 The modules printed after acquisition of an image. It is necessary to check the printing digits, the number of lines, and the character types in advance. (Front align/back align are available)
*7 For IJP (ink jet printer), the print quality may differ depending on the paper quality. However, printing on glossy paper is not supported.     The number of printing digits/rows must be checked in advance, because they may be limited depending on the setting of the character size and equipment.
*8 Please contact separately for the type of recognized characters.
*9 PC and a monitor are not included in the body.

Also,during mixed form processing, where the minimum document size plus 0.5 inches is less than the maximum document size divided by two, the document size check may not work properly. Please consult in advance.