Just as a factory has a production line, office work requires lines of personnel operations, and workflow tools create those operation lines.
FloWare is a production system workflow tool offering sophisticated functions and performance as a workflow engine geared toward mission-critical business operation systems.


Ensures superior processing capability for high-frequency transactions in mission-critical business operations.
Promotes conversion of applications into parts
Provides tools for effective management
Fully compatible with internet and intranet
Role-managing function geared for organizational workflow
A wide variety of APIs which interact with even user applications and legacy systems

Main Functions

Outline of Flow Control Functions

Conditional branching
Hierarchized processing flowcharts
Parallel processing
Priority processing
Setting of time limits
History tracking
Simplified business DB
Simulation function
Role management

Outline of Management Functions

MapBuilder (Flow definition)
FloWatch (Monitoring of flow status)
Administrator (Log display, status display, user registration and more)
RuleArchitect (Definition of branch conditions, maintenance function)