Solutions for the receipt processing of examination and payment organizations

To increase efficiency in screening, payment and other administrative operations concerning health insurance claim forms, this solution adopts ICR processing of the forms that have been converted into image data and an image reference and completion entry (key entry) to perform high precision conversion into code data. It capitalizes on workflows for automatic control and status monitoring of large quantities of image data. The claim forms that have been converted into image data can be searched together with the code data via user-defined keys. The solution may therefore serve as an infrastructure for new services for insurers, including the ability to disclose claim forms including data images. After the system is connected to the network, it is expected to produce even greater advantages.


An image scanner and the work flow are used to process ordinary forms combined with multi-claim forms (with additional sheets and sticky notes) to reduce paper-based processing such as transfers and searches.
ICR processing and the key entry for enhanced data precision and reduced entry expenses
Active use of image data for enhancing information on claim forms and building an infrastructure in the IT environment

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