Sony Bank Incorporated

Primagest document management solution contributed to the data migration for bank-related tasks during the implementation of AWS for Sony Bank Incorporated.


In July 2014, the full-scale implementation of AWS (Amazon Web Services) announced by Sony Bank Incorporated was a hot topic, as the first trial of its kind among Japanese banks. What was the role of Primagest document management solution in the implementation of AWS?


  • Sony Bank Incorporated wanted to reduce the IT cost and speed up system development by utilizing high technology.

Aim of introduction

  • Highly reliable system based on the standard of domestic and international security and internal control.
  • High compatibility and flexibility that enable smooth implementation and operation.

Results of introduction

  • The cost for establishing infrastructure was reduced by 50%.
  • The period of time required for procuring, establishing, testing, and converting infrastructure was shortened.
  • The serverless system reduced the operation management load.

Important features of solution


The hybrid system that combines the cloud and on-premises systems ensures security for the mission-critical system.

Optimizing IT cost

The utilization of IaaS cloud drastically reduces the cost for establishing infrastructure and managing operations.

  • The comparison of the estimated cost when the document management system is recreated in the on-premises environment and the actual cost after the system was converted to AWS
  • Not only the cost of servers, but also the cost of infrastructure SEs and the datacenter was drastically reduced. It is estimated that the cost in total will be reduced by 32% over five years (initial cost + running cost for five years). ⇒ The cost of infrastructure will be reduced by 50%.

Improving speed

Lead time for infrastructure procurement can be shortened and off-site development is possible.

Lead time for infrastructure procurement can be shortened and off-site development is possible.


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