Solutions for processing of taxes and public funds

Chiefly for checking process of tax and utility fee payment at Centers of financial institutions, this solution takes advantage of OCR readers-sorters, image work flows, ICR and other IT technologies to minimize the handling of the originals and simplify the entry process. It is a solution that can ease the back-office workload for branches.


Reduced take-out categories:
The number of categories of tax and utility payment slips to be transferred from branches to the center can be reduced by taking them out all together, although they were traditionally more narrowly categorized before being taken out.
Reduced entry workload:
In the past, the tax category, amount and other information were entered manually. The solution automatically recognizes such information and turns it into digital data by means of OCR and ICR technologies to reduce manual entry operations.
Increased efficiency of slip management:
Image scanning is performed on all slips, processed with OCR readers and the resulting images are stored on the image database. If any queries arise, the relevant image is instantly displayed on the PC to boost efficiency in search operations.
Expansion to other operations:
The ImageValue multi-purpose image scanner supports the scanning of account transfer request forms, bills, dividend receipts and other slips for other operations. The solution can therefore be applied to a broad range of operations.

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