Cedyna Financial Corporation(former Procent, Inc.)

Realization of a paperless environment through document imaging solves security challenges encountered in processing operations.


Cedyna Financial Corporation(former Procent, Inc.) specializes in credit card processing operations. The company, which processes masses of documents every day, faced numerous challenges such as assuring security and improving processing speed. We interviewed the person in charge about how Primagest’s image solution has helped the company.


  • The company wished to advance a paperless environment as soon as possible in order to safeguard personal information.
  • The company wished to speed up the processing of large numbers of dissimilar documents.

Aim of introduction

  • To reduce, through document imaging, the risk of losing original records.
  • To be able to process varieties of documents regardless of format.

Results of introduction

  • Risk of information leakage was significantly reduced by eliminating handling of original documents.
  • Information sharing and quick response to inquiries were realized through image processing.
  • Labor costs were reduced through utilization of part-time workers as no specialized knowledge is required for operation.

Important features of solution


Reduction of the risk of losing original documents.

Faster processing

Elimination of original document handling.

Reduced costs

Automation of sorting and elimination of paper document handling.

Improved accuracy

Thorough management of errors.

System Outline

System Outline


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