Introduction of XDR-V


A multi-function recognition engine that can find characters and marks on images and digitize them in real time

A large amount of documents in a wide variety of formats are generated in daily operations. For the purpose of outputting characters, stamps, logos, images, marks, etc. found in document as data in real time, a flexible recognition processing engine with a high degree of accuracy is essential.
XDR-V is an image recognition engine that provides character recognition, pattern matching, bar code recognition and image processing, in one package.
Performance of high level digitization, which aggregates multiple image recognition, such as collective recognition money amounts described on a variety of gift certificates and searches for company logos stamped on the paper surface, can be achieved.



Functions Overview
Character recognition (OCR) Typed font character recognition in ICR (neural networks) and OCV (pattern matching) technique
Bar code recognition One-dimensional & two-dimensional bar code search & recognition
Pattern search Search for a specified pattern on an image
Sample-based classification Classified by color and texture (pattern) information
Image processing Image file I/O
Pixel counts
Expansion of area (Dilation)/contraction of area (Erosion)
Fill-in-the-blank, noise deletion (Closing/Opening)
Cut (Snipping)
Rotation (entire image, clockwise)
Scale change (magnification specified/width and height specified)
Graying of image
Vertical and horizontal lines search & filling
Filling of cluster classification
Filling of RBG specified channel
Filling of gray histogram range

Operating Environment

Functions System Requirements
Common to Server type/
Desktop type
OS Microsoft Windows 10(32-bit,64-bit)
       Windows 8.1(64-bit)
       Windows 7 SP1(32-bit,64-bit)
       Windows Server 2016
       Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Caution) Operation on VM (Virtual Machine) environment is not supported.
Hardware CPU X86, Intel64, AMD64
Memory 32-bit OS: 3GB or more
64-bit OS: 4GB or more
Product Product XDR-V library
License XDR-V runtime license
(USB Dongle key & license file)
Development Environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
       Visual Studio 2015
       Visual Studio 2012
       Visual Studio 2010
       Visual Studio 2008
Visual C#
Visual Basic .NET
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5~4.7