ImageValue 20 series

Provides world's top-class high-quality image and optimal performance

Characteristics of the equipment

- High cost performance realized by the world's top-class speed

- Open track structure that allows easy operation

- Stable transfer realized by incorporation of flat full-open transfer mechanism

- Stable processing of mixed-size-and-weight business forms by transfer speed selection and vacuum transfer

- High-definition color reproduction realized by Primagest unique technology and adoption of the sRGB international standard

1. Continuous processing is possible

- Mixed-size-and-weight business forms are stably processed

- Originals can be inserted during operation

2. Mounted with variable IJP and a high-quality camera

- IJP printing position automatic control function

- High-definition image realized by super luminosity LED

3. Spindle-type storage pocket

- Stored neatly in power pocket tray

- Take out during operation is possible

4. Sheet feeding mechanism

- Equipped with both multi-feed detection and tilt correction functions

- Improved stability in transfer of various size-and-weight of business forms

Experience the highest speed in the world

Model and Features (V2.2)
Scanner model
Base Unit
Transport mechanism Open track air vacuum method for varied-size documents
Transport functions Auto and hand feeder with 3 ultrasonic doubles detections, and automatic deskew mechanism with skew sensors,
Optional gap control to enhance varied-size-paper transport speed
Max speed:Output resoulution *1
(8.27" x 11.69" sheet with about 3" gap)
300 DPM.:200 DPI
300 DPM:300 DPI
450 DPM:200 DPI
300 DPM:300 DPI
600 DPM:200 DPI
300 DPM:300 DPI
Light source Japanese high efficient super luminosity LED
Image functions Auto cropping, Auto-Deskew, Color dropout, sRGB Convert, Auto brightness Control, Snippet,
and etc.
Paper spec.
Paper Size Min. 2.52" X 3.26", Max 11.69" X 16.53" (A3)
Paper Weight *2 11 lbs. - 55 lbs. 11 lbs. - 48 lbs. (450 sheets / min)
11 lbs. - 55 lbs. (300 sheets / min)
17 lbs. - 48 lbs. (600 sheets / min)
11 lbs. - 55 lbs. (300 sheets / min))
Paper Quality OCR paper, high quality plain paper, recycle paper, pressure-sensitive paper *3
Front Image Camera (Optional back camera)
Camera specification Ultra-High-Speed 300 DPI R, G, B, 24bit full color (256 tone), Japanese High-Resolution CCD color camera
Output Resolution
(Output Format)
150 - 600 DPI
Color(JPEG 24bit), Gray(JPEG 8bit),
Black and white bi-tonal(TIFF) (optional JPEG2000)
Capacity *4 1500 sheets
Size Standard small spindle power pocket
(Optional large spindle pocket for folded A3)
Capacity *4 1000 sheets
Control PC
OS: Windows Windows7 Professional
Interface: LAN TCP/IP 1GB or faster
Back Image Camera Same specification with front camera
Numbering (IJP) *7
Pre-module * 5
Font Only
Font type
100 characters / line
Max 5 lines in 0.5 inch
OCR-B, Gothic, Ming, etc.
100 characters / line
Max 3 lines in 0.5 inch
OCR-B, Gothic, Ming, etc.
100 characters / line
Max 2 lines in 0.5 inch
OCR-B, Gothic, Ming, etc.
Pre-module * 5
Font Only
1D Code39, NW7 (CodaBar),ITF,Code128, 2D QR
*300 Sheets mode Only
Post-module *6
Back Only
same as the specification of the pre-module
Characters *8
Machine Dimension (W×D×H) 89.4" x 32.2" x 53.7"
Weight *9 578.6 lbs.
Power (50/60Hz) Single phase 100-240V
Temperature / Humidity 16 - 26℃, 40 - 60%

◆The above specification may be changed without notice.

  • *1 DPM=Documents Per Minute. The max processing speed per minute is based on the condition. A4 landscape papers are transported with standard feed setting. The max speed may be decreased, because of option configuration, paper quality, paper related settings, software settings,. image output sizes, and etc.
  • *2 Paper quality and paper size may be affect transprt .speed. Please test before order.
  • *3 Pressure-sensitive paper and recycle paper require a confirmation.
  • *4 The paper weight is 17 lbs. (A4).
  • *5 A print module before scanning. Please check the number of print lines, characters per line, and font types.
  • *6 A print module after scanning. Please check the number of print lines, characters per line, and font types. (Left aligned and right aligned is OK.)
  • *7 Print quality of IJP (Inkjet Printer) depends on transport speed, also paper quality. IJP may not print on gloss papers. Please check the number of print characters, print lines, and font type beforehand.
  • *8 Please ask Primagest on recognizable font types.
  • *9 The weight does not include PC, and display.